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Does CPU cooler affect FPS?

Attention, gamers! In this article, we’ll discuss seven reasons PC gamers should employ liquid cooling to give themselves an advantage in their favorite games. The last thing you want is for your system to experience a dramatic drop in performance when you’re facing the last boss in a taxing Destiny 2 raid, trying to extend your kill streak in a lightning-fast Valorant match, facing the final two squads in Apex Legends, or bending the final lap of a thrilling sim race called Assetto Corsa Competizione.

Choosing a liquid cooler with Asetek power for effective heat absorption and dissipation is one of the greatest methods to avoid this and keep your gaming supremacy. Additionally, our partner solutions are now stronger.

Asetek Gen8 Coolers Are Currently Available

Compared to air, liquid has a significantly higher heat capacity and is far more effective at removing heat from the CPU die. Furthermore, with the introduction of our revolutionary Gen8 pump technology, liquid cooling has never been more potent. The 3-phase motor in Gen8 coolers allows for smoother flow pathways and greater liquid flow, which better dissipates heat away from the CPU and lowers impedance. To better suit the CPU IHS and provide exceptional heat absorption, the cold plate has been squared off and enlarged by 32%. Wider inner diameter (7mm ID) tubes are also featured in every Gen8 system to accommodate the higher liquid flow. Compared to a conventional air cooler, our AIO radiators already have a larger surface area.

Fortunately, there are now three AIO options available for PC gamers, all of which utilize our cutting-edge Gen8 pump technology. The Phanteks Glacier One T30 Gen2 and two variants from ASUS ROG—the white or black RYUO III and RYUJIN III CPU AIO coolers—are all currently available! Without a doubt, these liquid coolers can make a big difference in your ability to keep up your domination in games.

In case you are unable to obtain the most recent models, here are some additional general justifications for why liquid cooling is a good choice for PC gamers.

Maintaining Framerates

This one is significant! The heat throttling of system components, which results in jerky performance and a lower frame rate in games, is significantly prevented by liquid cooling. Your components frequently slow down or automatically reduce their performance when they become too heated in an attempt to cool down. This holds true for motherboards, system RAM, storage devices, video cards, CPUs, and so forth. This can have a detrimental effect on how well you do overall. Using an Asetek-powered AIO cooling solution to liquid cool your CPU or GPU will keep your parts operating at optimal temperature, extending their lifespan and enabling you to sustain better framerates and steady frame rates.

Eternal Life of the Monarch

This takes us to the next advantage of liquid cooling for gaming. Overheating and frequent use accelerates component wear and tear and deterioration. In light of this, liquid cooling indirectly extends component life by reducing excessive wear and strain. This increases their longevity so you can play for extended periods of time without worrying.

Also, AIO liquid coolers are lighter than the majority of conventional air coolers. The CPU socket on your motherboard may be severely strained by heavy air coolers, which could cause the motherboard to distort and shorten its lifespan.

“Silence! I require QUIET.

In short, liquid cooling frequently produces less noise than air cooling. For those of us who keep our PC gaming systems in the bedroom with wives, lovers, college roommates, or even the small ones, this is great for late-night gaming raids and grind sessions. To prevent your radiator fans from rapidly increasing and decreasing, go one step further and create a fan curve. This will assist you in keeping your sound production consistent throughout your “GGs.”

Quicker, Quicker, Quicker

Nobody enjoys getting more for less? Safer overclocking is possible with liquid cooling. Overclocking raises the frequency of the base clock rate, which speeds up CPU processing and improves performance in any games that require a CPU. Liquid cooling is the way to go if you enjoy overclocking and like to push your electronic components to their absolute limit. Proper cooling of CPU and GPU processors may maintain reasonable clock rates practically indefinitely; more aggressive cooling means more headroom for overclocking. However, this can generate a lot of heat and be challenging to control without a strong liquid cooler. Even when your components are overclocked, liquid cooling keeps them cool, enabling you to get better performance, more fluid gaming, and more “W’s” in your favorite games.

So Clean, So Fresh

Additionally, liquid cooling can keep your system cleaner. The accumulation of dust and other debris that is frequently caused by traditional air cooling systems might eventually have a detrimental effect on your system’s functionality. In contrast to air solutions, liquid cooling does not rely on fans surrounding the socket. This results in less dust being produced, a cleaner appearance, and more accessibility to the regions surrounding the CPU socket.

Looked Good

AIO liquid coolers are frequently a desirable substitute for air. All of our cooling partners use attractive pump caps that may be customized with RGB to fit your gaming setup. Alternatively, you may go with one of their more expensive choices, which make use of rich LCD screens to allow you to quickly check system metrics, or you can customize your gaming battle station by adding your favorite pictures or GIFs to add more dynamic gaming flair. Everything contributes to enhancing your system’s overall aesthetic appeal.


The “TDP,” or thermal design power, of CPUs is always rising. Long-term performance and smooth operation are significantly impacted by a system’s capacity to handle higher power in watts. Asetek’s gen7 and gen8 partner cooling solutions are essential tools for both system builders and gamers, as they can efficiently cool more over 300 watts.

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